NRV Railroad Rules of the Road Memo

Hey all,

Below is a copy of a memo sent out outlining the rules of using the club layouts. It would be appreciated if all NRV members along with non-members who plan to use the layouts would read this. It is to ensure that everybody gets to have a good time and that nothing gets broken. Thanks.

Dear Members and Friends:
In order for our club to function with a minimum amount of supervision it is necessary for everyone to remember to observe the basic
Rules of the Road.
1. If you are not sure how a layout’s controls work ask.  If there is no one to ask: Do not Run trains on that layout.
2. If you are operating on a layout where members have stored locomotives or a consists on a siding: Do not remove the rolling stock from that siding without the owner’s permission.
3. If a member has left a coupled, joined or otherwise connected piece of rolling stock on the layout: PLEASE DO NOT uncouple or disconnect without the owner’s permission.  Not all rolling stock is designed to be separated without great risk.
4. On those layouts with turnouts: PLEASE RETURN the turnouts to the position that you found them in when you arrived.
In most cases this means making sure they are set for the main line.  This is especially important for those layout that operate with the trains out of sight.
What has prompted this an incident on the HO layout in which a multi unit locomotive was physically removed from its siding and separated with one section left on the table and the other placed on a mainline track.  Subsequently the unit on the mainline was involved in a collision. This unit had been left joined on the siding by its owner because it is so difficult to separate.
The issue with the turnouts being left in an incorrect position resulted in a locomotive shearing a pantograph on a low clearance route.
Thank you,

Spring Into Trains Show, May 4th – 5th


This year’s annual Spring Into Trains Show will be on both Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th! Children 12 and under are admitted free, and you can print the above coupon for one dollar off of admittance (printable copy here). We look forward to seeing all of you out there!

Vendor Information

Work has begun on the 33rd Annual NRVMR Show

nrv show15-8Work on our show, the 33rd Annual Neuse River Valley Model Railroad Show, has begun.  Vendor letters and applications will be mailed next month.  The show committee is looking to you, our membership, for suggestions of vendors you would like to invite.  If you have connections to a vendor you would like to invite to the show, please provide the name, address, phone number and email to George Lasley or John Ragan<>.

Lights, Action…..Lights

Model Trail Lighthouse, New York Botanical Garden
Image by John CC-BY-NC

The program for our February 16th meeting will be given by Kim Parker.  It’s entitled “Lights, Action…..Lights”. This is part 1 of a 2 part series on lighting your layout. The 2nd part of the series will be our March 16th program called “LED lighting in Buildings and Scenery” or “You light up my layout and enlighten my life”.

New Website Unveiled!

April 20th the club launched a new site on  It features embedded Facebook and an interactive google calendar.  Come Explore and send your ideas for improving to

Screen-Print-EventsSite structure: