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All books are available for a minimum of a $4 donation to the club.

American Locomotives, Edwin P Alexander

American Steam Locomotive, Brian Solomon

American Train Depot and Roundhouse, Hans and April Halberstadt

America’s Colorful Railroads, Don Ball, Jr.

Boomer, Railroad Memoirs, Linda Niemann

Cinders & Smoke, Doris B Osterwald

Classic North American Steam, Nils Huxtable

Collector’s Book of the Locomotive, The, Edwin P Alexander

Collector’s Book of Railroadiana, The, Stanley L Baker and Virginia Brainard Kunz

Commuter Railroads, Patrick C Dorin

Early American Mills, Martha & Murray Zimiles

Encyclopedia of North American Railroads, Aaron F Klein

Golden Age of the Passenger Train, The, C J Riley

Great Book of Trains, The, Brian Hollingsworth & Arthur Cook

Guide to North America’s Tourist Railways and Museums, 2015, Wide Eye Productions

Highball: A Pageant of Trains, Lucius Beebe

High Speed Trains, Jane Collins

History of North American Rail, The, Christopher Chant

Illustrated Encyclopedia of North American Locomotives, The, Brian Hollingsworth

Lore of the Train, The, C Hamilton Ellis

Love of Trains, The, Victor Hand & Harold Edmonson

Luxury Trains: From the Orient Express to the TGV, The Vendome Press

Model Railroad Handbook, Number 133, A C Kalmbach

Modeling Narrow-Gauge Railroads, Brick Price

Nothing Like It in the World, Stephen E Ambrose

Out West on the Overland Train, Richard Reinhardt

Pictorial Encyclopedia of Railways, The, Hamilton Ellis

Rail Ventures, Jack W Swanson

Railroads: An American Journey, Don Ball, Jr.

Railroads: The Great American Adventure, Charlton Ogburn

Road to Paradise, William M Moedinger

Safety, Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Series

Scenery for Model Railroads, Bill McClanahan

Spirit of Steam, The, William L Withuhn

Steam: Its Generation and Use, The Babcock & Wilcox Company

Streamliners: History of a Railroad Icon, Mike Shafer & Joe Welsh

Train Wrecks: A Pictorial History of Accidents on The Main Line, Robert C Reed

Train-watcher’s Guide to North American Railroads, The, 2 nd edition, George H Drury

Twilight of Steam Locomotives, The, Ron Ziel

Ultimate Encyclopedia of Steam & Rail, The, Colin Garratt & Max Wade-Matthews

Working Steam: Vintage Locomotives Today, Hans Halberstadt

World of Model Trains, The, Guy R Williams

Yonder Comes the Train, Lance Phillips